Who took these photographs?
You! And your neighbors and friends and guests. We want local photos from local people of local scenery, high school games, birthday parties, weddings, special events like Bike Week and Spring Break, the beach, that funny thing your dog does... anything!

Can I download big versions?
The photos remain the property of the photographer.

Can I use the photos on my own Web site?
Not without the express permission of the photographer.

Is there anything I can't upload?
Copyrighted photos that belong to someone else. Photos that include nudity or anything else unsuitable for a family newspaper. All photos you submit must be approved before they appear on the Web site.

How do I upload photos?
First, make sure your photos are in JPG format (just about any graphics software can handle this; see your software documentation for details). Then find the right album to put your photos in. As an example, if you wanted to upload a picture of your cat Fluffy you would go to our photo page, click on the Category "Pets," and click on "Submit a Photo."
Enter the name you want to appear, your e-mail address (for notifications, it will not appear to other readers), and the album your photo belongs in. In this case, "Cats."
Click the Browse button to find the photo on your computer, select it and click on OK.
Give it a title and description (under 200 words).
Let us know if you want to be notified if anyone comments.
Click to verify that you understand our terms and conditions.
And Submit!
There may be a delay before we approve your photo.

What if I don't see the right category or album? And what's the difference?
Categories are broad breakdowns of subjects. Travel, Pets, College Sports, etc. Albums are collections of similar photos underneath those categories, such as Surfing Pics or Bill and Janice's Wedding. We'll be changing and adapting the categories to meet your needs.
If you don't see an album that will work for you and you want to start a new one, click on "Suggest an Album" on the main page or during the upload process.

What if I need to remove my photo?
Just write us at webmaster@news-jrnl.com with your photo information and we'll remove it.

If you have more questions, just write us at webmaster@news-jrnl.com.

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